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A Draft Surprise

During the week of the 2013 Draft, I was still at Penn State because I graduated a week later. So I tried to keep it a normal week. I was still taking classes, working at my internship (at the school golf course). I had a routine going and I didn't really change up. I didn't want my mind to be thinking abut the Draft at all, I just wanted to stay calm.


It was really good to have my family around. I had a little get-together at my college apartment with the people who meant the most to me. Everybody was excited except for me. I wasn't really nervous, but I was hoping that I didn't bring everybody over and then not get drafted that night. I realized that it might not happen and then I got the call from the Seahawks.


It was the best feeling I ever had in my life. And it was a great surprise because I hadn't really talked to any of the coaches. I didn't think I would end up in Seattle.


A crazy thing happened when I got the call. Since everybody was loud when the phone rang, I went into the other room to talk. My family thought that meant I was getting picked next so they started calling everybody and telling them I was getting drafted by the Colts. When the next pick came and I wasn't drafted, my Mom came in the room to check on me and see if I was okay. She was all upset, not knowing I was actually about to get drafted by the Seahawks. It was a surprise for everybody! They all started cheering. It was cool.